So, who's The Grammar Guru?

The author of three books, most recently The Grammatically Correct Handbook (originally published by Hyperion in 1997), which was greeted as follows:

"'No complicated rules.  No dense explanations.  No jargon,' promises Ellie Grossman in the introduction to (her book).  And she delivers."

                      PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"...(If) you're one of those people who say you 'could care less' about your language, I definitely recommend you read (this book) from cover to cover."


"Grossman ... has created a humorous Elements of Style...."

                       LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Anything that serves the improvement of writing,  I commend.  Grossman's Handbook is so 'en-grossing,' I suspect that copies will disappear from libraries soon after the book's been catalogued.  They'll all be stolen that quickly."

                                                CHARLES L. LARSON,
                               professor of literature at American
                                       University in Washington, D.C.

"The Grammatically Correct Handbook brings grammar alive."

                                                Michael Strumpf (Mr. Grammar), creator of the 
National Grammar Hotline

"This is a great gift for high school and college students who want to improve their grades, and for writers who want to impress their editors."

                                                                    THE BLOOMSBURY REVIEW

"Her book is not only informative, but it is fun to read."

                                                                  MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE

"It's an absorbing book on grammar that is fun to read and handy to use...."

                                                                     ABILENE REPORTER NEWS

P.S.  The English Department of The Calhoun Upper School in Manhattan is making good use of the book.

She's also--

An experienced freelance writer, who has written for The New York Daily News, Ladies' Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, among others.

A former syndicated lifestyle columnist, whose freewheeling column appeared throughout the country for ten years, via Newspaper Enterprise Association.

A writing/grammar instructor at the Hunter College School of Continuing Education.

Author of "The Grammar Guru," nationally syndicated newspaper column.


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